Spring is Here!

by kelly

After a record-breaking cold and snowy winter in Milwaukee, it’s now clear that Springtime has fully arrived!

The flowers are blooming, the days are warming, and the mammals are readying to give birth to their young.

Or, maybe most of the other mammals have already done it, and it’s just *me* who is readying….

Our new baby is promising to be on the larger side, and in light of that, and some other physical developments (nothing negative), my Dr. is planning to induce labor a few days ahead of the official due date, and less than one week from the time that I write this.

So we’ll be welcoming our new baby home within days.

It’s exciting.  I’m also just trying to rest as much as possible before then, and to spend some good quality time with my sweet, sweet daughter Emma.

Here are some recent pictures (taken, by the way, with our new digital camera – we have one again, yay!)


Springtime Beauties


Nine Months Pregnant


Emma on the Slide

One Response to “Spring is Here!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    You take care of yourself!!