4th of July 2008

by kelly

It doesn’t get any more Americana than the village of Greendale, Wisconsin (founded by FDR as one of three Greenbelt Communities, by the way). 

That’s where we watched a parade on the 4th of July, and also where Paul’s great-grandparents settled in the mid-30s and where his great-uncle used to be the Village Manager for 20 years.  The street around the Village Hall here is named after him.  And Paul’s relatives run a 50s-style Malt Shop on the street pictured here. 

Recently, some officials visited Greendale as part of a competition to select the best communities for some contest or another.  One official asked his Greendale tour guide if things there were ‘staged.’  It just seemed too cute.   

I love Wisconsin.   

 Geendale Village Hall on the 4th of July

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