Our Flag

by kelly

At a fundraising auction we attended just a few days before Sarah was born, Paul put in a winning bid on an unusual item….

An American Flag.  Not just ANY American Flag, but one to be flown over the US Capitol Building and dedicated according to the winning bidder’s instruction.

So not long ago, the flag arrived in the mail.  Along with a handy dandy book on the official flag rules, and a certificate attesting that the flag had been flown over the U.S. Capital, and dedicated to:

“The ever-expanding K. Family”

OK, maybe our family is not EVER-expanding, but it’s still kind of neat…

Certificate certifying Koog Family Flag! Certificate certifying Koog Family Flag! Flag Rule Book

One Response to “Our Flag”

  1. Lee Says:

    Now that is awesome Kelley! I want to eventually have a flag pole with a US, State and possibly county flag (do you think I’m pushing it?)

    The fact that that flag was flown over the capitol is amazing! I would get a flag box for that and put it over the mantel!