Should Have Thrown a Penny

by kelly

So our cats, Jimmy and Minnie, have been enjoying the great outdoors again this summer.  Only this year, they’re doing it in our new neighborhood. 

So far so good – they are very well behaved about coming back into the house without too much calling.  Heck, they even usually beg to be let in before we even think about calling them.

And unfortuneately, Jim has taken to, um, well, relieving himself in the neighbor’s yard.  And not discretely, up under the bushes, all delicate like.  Nope, as the neighbor told me, he just goes in the lawn.  Leaves cat nuggets right in the middle of the lawn.  

So that’s bad for the neighbor, and causes me some embarrassment (and I’ll admit it, I’m also a tiny bit amused in a guilty way), but mostly, everything’s OK.

Except for that black cat.  There’s another (I am presuming male) cat that roams these here parts, and the neighborhood’s not big enough for the two of them.   Black Kitty and Jim have had some noisy standoffs, and even some nasty rumbles – with definite physical contact.

I have always been anxious when cats fight because there’s no good way to break them up without getting all scratched up, yourself….  that is until Paul threw a penny at them one night.

Whew knew.  A penny.  So small.  So practically valueless, in currency terms.  And so potent as a non-violent tool for dispersing angry cats.

So for a while there, Paul was throwing pennies at the Jimmy and Black Kitty  whenever they got into a standoff or a fight.  Black Kitty would instantly run away, and Jim would usually come inside.

But we haven’t been doing that for awhile.

And now, Jim has developed some kind of strange problem on his back.  It’s a clump of fur that feels sticky.  I thought maybe the other Kitty bit him a little, and that it was saliva in the fur.  But now the sticky spot is getty bigger, and I’m afraid there might be a wound hiding under there and draining. 

He won’t really let us look at it, and I suspect there may be a vet visit in his future.

Poor Jim is a REALLY bad vet patient – so bad that they have to gas him to knock him out in order to examine him.  And that will probably be the only way to get to the root of whatever this is. 

I’ll keep you posted.

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