Darn Cats!!!!!!!

by kelly

Darn Cat!!!!!!!

I was so sad to see this sight at the doorstep yesterday morning!  One of our cats killed this cute little chipmunk!!!

Hard to say which cat is was – both seem to have been on a late-summer killing rampage.  In the last couple of weeks, we’ve been receiving our first ‘presents’ of the summer – several mice and a bird.  :(   But killing a chipmunk seems to be taking it to the next, more cruel level, somehow… 

And I had only recently been so delighted to have the chance to watch a cute little chipmunk sit and chew on a nut on a rock in our garden.

Luckily, today (the day after I took this picture), I DID see a very much alive and apparently cheerful little chipmunk scampering about in our garden.  So it’s good to know that our cats haven’t decimated the local chimpmunk population altogether.

Still, I’m sorry that they even got this one…

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