Two Rights Don’t Make it Right!

by kelly

Two Right Feet!

Paul had been eagerly awating a replacement pair of shoes in the mail (the eariler pair had been defective).  But when he opened the box, he discovered that he had been sent two RIGHT shoes!!!  So now he’ll be waiting a little longer.

By the way, check out that ‘Marquette Law’ t-shirt he’s wearing.  Our new J.D. in the house has been busy picking us various legal work over the summer under his own, virtual, ‘shingle,’ but is still looking to land the right firm position.

He had an interview today for a nice possible position.  Everyone’s good mental vibes are welcomed – we’d be thrilled if this one would work out.  (The call-back interview should take place a couple of weeks from now).  I’ll post any significant updates on the blog.

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