It’s Applesauce All Over Again!

by kelly

(I can only hope that Yogi Berra would be proud of the title).

What I mean by it is that history is repeating itself – and that the Applesauce is, literally, getting all over the place again. 

The Pink Stuff

Once again, we have a little, four month old girl with an ear infection.  (Well, maybe Emma was five months).  And once again, the attempt at getting the Amoxicillan down via the drugstore-provide syringe was a total bust.  So I’ve got to sneak it into some applesauce and spoon feed it, as best I can to a girl who’s still figuring out how spoon feeding works.


Better Together

I’m willing to do anything, though, to get the little gal feeling better.  She’s had a cold, but was getting over it, and then, suddenly, got extra cranky, and her fever spiked up to 103.1.  It was a little slow on the uptake, but finally connected all the dots this morning when I saw her tugging at her ear.  (All this, is textbook ear infection by the way).  So we went to the Dr., and got that ear diagnosed.  Infected, indeed.  (Not, incidentally, on the side she tugged at this morning, but the Dr. says it’s common that babies pull on the non-infected side – I don’t know why).

A spoonful of sugar

We also got some pain drops to put into her ear to keep her more comfortable until the antibiotic kicks in.

But I’m having flashbacks to January of 2006 (which is when I took the pictures in this post – no current ones yet), when we went through this with then small Emma.

Except that I feel much calmer, and generally much less worried than the first time around.  I now know that this just happens with babies, and that all will be well…  The first time around, I was never 100% sure on that last part.

Pink Applesauce Mouth

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