by kelly

OK, so among the changes I mentioned below is that now I work for a large law firm.

I had thought that I’d already been working at a large firm for the past four years.  (A firm with about 140 attorneys is among the top five or six largest law firms in a town like good old Milwaukee).

But the firm I work for now (although I’m based mostly our of the tiny Milwaukee satellite office), is huge.

Over 660 attorneys nationwide huge, and a member of “Am Law 100” (I’m not even sure what that really is).  Also, according to a new report (that I read about on the firm’s Intranet) it is now  the 98th highest grossing law firm in the world. 

Some of their marketing materials I read also boasted that they are “among the country’s 70 largest firms.”  I thought that was pretty funny. Most people don’t go around bragging about being one of the top 70th of anything….

But anyway, it’s new and interesting to be exposed to a company of this size.

I get intra-firm e-mails all day from all around the country.  And they’re from my co-workers, but they might as well be from strangers, almost.  Of course the people I work most closely with are ‘real’ people, and very nice.

But I’m still getting used to the phrase “time-zone appropriate food will served,” which keeps popping up in the description of the lunch that can be expected for various firm-wide teleconferences and satellite video meetings.

I traveled to and from the Chicago office today, and my exploration of mega-firm continues.  My route from the Chicago train station to the Chicago office can be described as walk to the Sears Tower, turn left, walk six blocks.  Pretty simple.

Maybe in a couple of years, I’ll have at least have met 5% of my coworkers… 

4 Responses to “Mega-Law”

  1. Lee Says:

    That’s kinda crazy there, did your firm merge with this “mega” firm, or was it something you just weren’t in the know about?

    Time zone appropriate food is interesting, but makes sense should you have a videoconference between New York and LA or Tokyo.

  2. Kelly Says:

    ‘Mega’ is separate from my old firm, which I left. So I’m just plain-old getting used to an all new job. Yesterday, I was on a group telephone call with my ‘team,’ and we’re all based in different cities.

    It was kind of neat. I’m just sitting alone at my Milwaukee desk, but there are these other people out there that I work with and e-mail with. And if I get stuck on a research problem, like I did today, I can reach out to them for help and vice versa.

    Without modern technolgy (e-mails, internet, conference calls, etc.), I don’t think any of this could work.

  3. Mike Says:

    Hey Kelly, long time no speak.

    Anyway, I hear ya on the weirdness of the mega firm thing. My first firm was “an international law firm,” and I’d get e-mails from folks in the Beijing or Sydney offices occasionally.

    Weird stuff.

  4. kelly Says:

    Hi, Mike!

    Weird stuff, indeed. Hope all’s going well.