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It Lives in the Basement

Thursday, April 13th, 2006

Well, actually, it hasn’t lived for quite some time. But every time I go to the basement to get some food out of the freezer . . .

– Ahhhh!! – it’s staring at me!

“It” is a partial head of an Antelope that my hunter brother-in-law (and former tenant) caught in Wyoming last fall. I don’t really understand hunting. And I especially don’t understand why a hunter would keep a partial head sitting around in the deep freeze. I guess he was hoping to make the antlers into some kind of Wisconsin wall-trophy.¬†

All I do know is that it’s there.

In the basement.

Waiting for me.

(Note: I edited the Antelope Head picture a bit so that it wouldn’t be quite as R-rated. I think it’s better this way. But Paul says that I should make the unedited picture available for the curious. I think it’s gross. Proceed to view it at your own risk. [My brother-in-law will be taking the head and helping to clean out the freezer soon])¬†