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Wacky Wisconsin News

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006

Seems like every time Wisconsin makes the national or international news, it’s for something, well, bad.¬† Or¬†odd, at least.¬†

I’m going to start posting more of our strange news stories and trying to keep tabs on if some of them are about more upbeat subjects.

This one’s about der Fuerher, and I’m not spelling the real name in English because I don’t need Google traffic from people searching that particular fellow.

Turns out that der Fuerher’s monument won’t be public, after all.¬†¬†

Mom Screws Up; Neighbors Come to the Rescue

Monday, April 10th, 2006

Hero Neighbors and Emma, originally uploaded by Koog Family.

**********It’s not really a newspaper headline, but it is a true story.**********

On Thursday night, I did something that busy people (or at least absent-minded busy people) should never do:

I varied my routine.

The stomach-turning result was that I found myself, adrenaline and blood pressure suddenly rising, on the wrong side of a locked door from my baby!

Yep, just after arriving home after the daycare pick-up, I managed to lock myself out of the house, while my keys, cell phone, and EMMA, strapped into her car seat, were inside on the dining room table.

I ran right to the neighbors’ house and asked to use the phone. I tried calling Paul right away, but he was in class. Luckily, I knew that he was due to have a break about 15 minutes from the time I tried to call him. Still, the fact that I had to leave a message for him instead of speaking to him directly didn’t do much to calm me down.

Sensing my maternal panic, the neighbors kindly helped me in every way possible. They let me look up phone numbers on the internet at their house. And when I came outside after doing that, I found them busy at work on Operation Baby Rescue. Janet was at the foot of a ladder looking up, and Pete was on top of our garage, about to enter in through a window.

Luckily, I finally reached Paul on his cell phone, and he was quickly on the way.

Pete and Janet stayed talking with me in the yard while I waited so that I didn’t “have to freak out all alone.”

Emma did some crying that was audible through the windows, but Paul finally arrived with keys, and the K. family was happily reunited.

Afterwards, I took Emma over to Pete and Janet’s to say thanks and to get a picture. You can just see the glowing eyes of their cool Great Dane, Vegas, in the picture above. Or, click the small picture, below, for a better view of handsome Vegas.

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Great Dane
Great Dane,
originally uploaded by Koog Family.

Thanks, again, guys, for your enormous help, and for being such terrific neighbors!!!