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House (and Ghost?) Hunting

Friday, October 19th, 2007

So yesterday was a busy day.  I gave not one, but two hour-long presentations at a work-sponsored seminar.

And after a full workday, Paul and I once again hit the house-hunting trail.

We’re getting close to making a decision, which is exciting. 

But it was interesting that as we were looking around in one of the houses we saw last night (not one we are now considering buying), I had the sense that the house had a ghost.

I’m not sure why I even said “A ghost lives here” when we were in the house.  It was just a kind of perception I had.  And it made me less interested in the house.  I felt like we would feel crowded if we lived there – and it was a relatively spacious place.

So it was funny to see this story on MSN this morning about how being told that a house has a ghost won’t necessarily turn buyers away, and may even attract them:

Ghosts may not spook home buyers

Well, that doesn’t apply to THIS buyer. 

I’m looking for a place that my family can call home.  Without competition for any other occupiers.