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Lemonade Purchase

Sunday, May 7th, 2006

Over the weekend, I stopped by friend J’s rummage sale to check out her cute, cut-rate baby clothes.¬†

Lemonade Stand

While I was there, I purchased lemonade from a couple of young entreprenuers (J’s five-year old son, P, and neighbor girl, A).¬† The conversation went like this:

Background: While I was “shopping,” P and other kids had been playing in the back yard.¬† P’s little sister, A, had been repeatedly running from the back yard to the front yard (the site of the rummage sale) to tell her mother what was going on in the back yard.¬† First,¬†A complained to her mother that P and others were “laughing to” her.¬† Next, A tattled on P for saying “poop.”¬† Finally,¬†P himself, wearing pajamas, came to the front to¬† implore his mother not to take him to T-Ball, later, because he didn’t want to go.¬† After he lost that battle, he ran toward, at sat down at a chair next to,¬†a table at the front of the yard, and was joined by a neighbor girl.¬† I noticed that the the table was set with stacked cups and a pitcher.¬† I approached.

Me:  Oh, are you selling lemonade?

P: Yes.

Me:  I might like to buy some lemonade.  How much are you charging?

P: Um…¬†Either a dollar or two quarters.

Me: (Thinking, ‘Wow, prices have¬†really gone up!‘)¬†¬†Well how about two quarters then.

P: OK.

(P began pouring my beverage, and I got out my money.  With two quarters in hand, I looked back up.  P was reaching inside my already partially-filled cup with his hand, fishing something out.)

Neighbor Girl, A: Gross.

Me: Oh, did a little bug get in there?

P: No, just something from a tree.

Me: Well, uh, maybe we can just . . .

P:¬† It’s OK.¬† I got it.¬† (He resumed pouring)

Me:  Just half a glass will be OK.

P:  OK.  (He handed me about a quarter-full cup.)

Me:  Well, thank you very much! (I started to walk away)

P:  What about a glass for Paul?

Me: Paul’s not here.

P:  But you could take it to him!

Me: (I visualized the cup-holder in my car).¬† Yes, I could take it to him.¬† Alright.¬† I’ll take one for Paul.¬† I suppose I should give you some more money.

P: No, you don’t have to.¬†

Me: Oh, OK. (Thinking: I like this system.) 

P:¬† I don’t need any more money.¬† I’ve already got a whole bag full of money.

(I brought the lemonade home to Paul.  And he drank it).