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Net Working? and Luxury

Friday, December 26th, 2008

This post is a test.  I am trying to get Wordbook to work.  It’s an application that shows a WordPress icon on Facebook and announces there when I’ve posted an entry here.

We’ll see what happens….

In other news, we had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed gathering with relatives.

But now the kids are asleep, Paul’s out for a drink with a guy friend, I’ve finished a round of tidying, and am about to curl up with a good book.

Ah, luxury!

Another Day

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Turns out that my friend didn’t forget our mom/kid playdate!  She just thought that the 18th was a Sunday, not a Saturday.  So she showed up on Sunday and wondered where the H-E-double-toothpicks I was!?  So we both had that experience this weekend.  A real bummer.  But we’ll get together another time.

In other news, our new neighborhood has never seen the likes of the cuteness that is going to spring forth from our house this Halloween night. 

I’ll post a picture of them trying out their costumes soon…..

4th of July 2008

Monday, July 14th, 2008

It doesn’t get any more Americana than the village of Greendale, Wisconsin (founded by FDR as one of three Greenbelt Communities, by the way). 

That’s where we watched a parade on the 4th of July, and also where Paul’s great-grandparents settled in the mid-30s and where his great-uncle used to be the Village Manager for 20 years.  The street around the Village Hall here is named after him.  And Paul’s relatives run a 50s-style Malt Shop on the street pictured here. 

Recently, some officials visited Greendale as part of a competition to select the best communities for some contest or another.  One official asked his Greendale tour guide if things there were ‘staged.’  It just seemed too cute.   

I love Wisconsin.   

 Geendale Village Hall on the 4th of July

Our Flag

Monday, July 14th, 2008

At a fundraising auction we attended just a few days before Sarah was born, Paul put in a winning bid on an unusual item….

An American Flag.  Not just ANY American Flag, but one to be flown over the US Capitol Building and dedicated according to the winning bidder’s instruction.

So not long ago, the flag arrived in the mail.  Along with a handy dandy book on the official flag rules, and a certificate attesting that the flag had been flown over the U.S. Capital, and dedicated to:

“The ever-expanding K. Family”

OK, maybe our family is not EVER-expanding, but it’s still kind of neat…

Certificate certifying Koog Family Flag! Certificate certifying Koog Family Flag! Flag Rule Book

Admitting Defeat

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Hmmm.  In case anyone missed it, I haven’t posted here (or even had time for my old passion of frequent picture taking) for over two months!!!!

It’s finally all caught up with me – my schedule and current life situation.

I haven’t had much time for blogging while being pregnant, getting to my scheduled Dr. appointments, working full time, being a member of two non-profit boards and in a leadership position on one national American Bar Association subcommittee, mothering a precocious, feisty, sweet and earnest two year old daughter, having a husband who is both finishing up part time law school, working as a part-time law clerk, and running his own business, trying to keep my family shopped for and well-fed, and with clean laundry, or helping (ok, only a little) to pack up the house as we prepare to move to our new home…

Somehow reading even all that, it still doesn’t seem that I should feel as tired as I feel.

But I am.  I attended a lunch meeting of working moms recently and heard a speech by a “life coach”.  She talked about the fact that we all find ourselves, throughout our lives, in different “seasons.”  These seasons are affected by our obligations and choices, as well as by those of our family members.

“Until a woman’s youngest child turns 4,” she said, “she is in a very low energy season.”

Got that?

That means it will all get better… in about five years!

And I know that on the sleep-getting front, it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.  Having already had a baby once, I now have no more illusions that only other people can’t get sleep when a new baby is in the house. 

So I’m kind of mentally preparing to be fairly homebound and tired once May rolls around.

I’m probably only feeling extra anxious now just because our move to the new home is on the near horizon.

Once we get settled in there, I’m sure everything will unfold peacefully.  And once the baby comes, I’ll remember that there’s an awful lot of sweetness to brighten up those tired early days.

Plus, after having lived with a toddler (the potty training situation is getting better and better over time), it will be amazing to again have a child that actually just lays still for a diaper change instead of squirming violently away from the diaper, or, more recently, yells “I don’t WANT to sit on the potty!”

So, maybe I’ll get back to posting more frequently here.

But if I don’t, you’ll know why…

Happy 2008, everyone!

Secret Teamwork Buddies

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Teamwork, originally uploaded by Koog Family.

In the house, my two cats mostly don’t want much to do with one another. So imagine my surprise when I discovered, tonight, that they were hunting a mouse outside together for an extended period of time. Jim is the real mouse killer and Minnie just seems to like to watch it run around after Jim flushes it out of hiding.

What a team! What togetherness! They were scampering down the sidewalk and in the yards together like the old pals that you’d think they should be after nearly 10 years of cohabitation.

Who knew?

SO ready for vacation!!!! (and way over the guilt)

Sunday, August 6th, 2006

So much going on around here, lately.¬† Papers and suitcase lids have been a’flyin, and nerves have been a’frayin.

Out of an abundance of caution and as part of our vacation preparation, Paul and I recently completed our estate planning.  On Thursday, we shuffled plenty of papers around as we signed wills and a trust and various powers of attorney, all duly witnessed and notarized.   

Friday at the office, I scrambled to¬†finish up various projects, not the least of which was the second of two outlines related to a state bar presentation I’ll deliver shortly after we return.¬†¬†Paul was busy, meanwhile, with various business matters, picking up tuxes, and polishing up his Best Man toast.¬†

We left work¬†early on Friday to head out of town to attend a dress rehearsal and dinner.¬† We stayed in Fond du Lac Friday and Saturday nights (weekend suitcases¬†for each¬†of us¬†and for¬†Emma in tow)¬†to celebrate the occasion of Mark and Fran’s wedding with family¬†and friends.¬†

All the¬†non-negotiable ‘things to do’ and ‘places to be’ have taken their toll on¬†both our routine and our sense of family harmony. But we survived the forgotten diaper bag, baby shoes and socks.¬† We stopped at a gas station to buy Cheerio substitutes for a crying hungry baby en-route.¬† Another gas station later in the evening provide hand-wipes that substituted reasonably well for diaper wipes.¬† We survived the baby-pee-on-the-bathroom-floor-before-her-bath-in-the-hotel incident, and even managed to keep Emma sort of almost on her regular nap and feeding schedule over the two days of festivities.¬†¬†

Back home, today, in between cleaning¬†loads of laundry and dishes,¬†we are completing the daunting task of doing the final packing of¬†ours¬†and Emma’s suitcases for a week at sea¬†and¬†at the various grandparents’ houses,¬†respectively.¬†

I welcome and embrace the opportunity, once we’re underway,¬†to¬†wake up¬†for several days in a row and¬†to¬†not have any responsibilities.¬† I’m not sure yet what we’re¬†going to do with all the down time.¬†

But I’m sure we’ll do our best to enjoy it.¬†¬†

Stingy Brewer

Friday, May 19th, 2006

Tiring of my usual lunch haunt, I decided to eat today at the 411 Building, the home of my former firm.

While walking there, I passed the Pfister Hotel, a historic hotel in downtown Milwaukee that lodges any celebrity of note during their stay in our fine city.


originally uploaded by benajp.

I was reminded, as I approached the northwest corner of Milwaukee Ave and Jefferson Street, near the Pfister’s entrance, that this corner is often the site of gathered would-be groupies and fans, who always seem to know when they might possibly be able to catch a glimpse of a beloved celebrity hotel guest.

There was a group of people on the corner today, but before I could wonder who might be gracing the Pfister’s halls, I saw a man sprinting in the street with curious determination. I couldn’t help but to stop and watch, along with the gathered people whom I had reached, to see whither he was running¬†and with what purpose.

As I looked on, the man reached his car and opened the rear passenger door. He dove in to retrieve an item with such energy and haste that I wondered if he had suddenly remembered that he’d left an infant or dear pet in there by mistake. After emerging with what seemed to be a paper in his hand, the man sprinted back toward where I stood — still moving quickly — to a grey vehicle stopped at the light in front of the groupie corner.

He approached the driver’s side door with what turned out to be an 11 x 14 photograph, in hand, apparently hoping that the driver, whom he recognized, would roll down the window and autograph it.

But, the driver would have none of it. The light turned green, the grey vehicle sped off, and the man was left, expressionless, in the middle of the street with nothing but the unsigned photo in his hands and, in his ears,¬†the conciliatory “awwws” and “heys” of the onlooking groupies – intoned to convey both sympathy for the fan and reproach for the vehicle’s driver.

Who was that driver, you ask? Why it was Derrick Turnbow РPitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers. Just performing another bit of bad marketing for our hometown baseball team.

Kelly’s States Visited Map

Sunday, May 7th, 2006
Kelly's States Visited Map

create your own visited states map  

I might have been in the Dakotas as a baby.¬† But¬†I’m not sure,¬†so I’ll keep them on my to-do list.¬† And Alaska, look out.¬† We’re coming later this year!¬†

Paul’s States Visited Map

Sunday, May 7th, 2006
Paul's States Visited Map

create your own visited states map 

Alaska, you will not be gray much longer…!