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Over the Seven-Month Hump?

Monday, July 14th, 2008

So maybe we’ve finally gotten past, and started to recover from, the packing to move to the new house, the move to the new house, the fixing up of the old house to get it ready for tenants, the gentle eviction of the upstairs relatives (tenants), the finding the baby things in the packed boxes in the basement of the new house, the preparing the nursery in the new house, Paul’s last semester of law school, Paul and Kelly’s full-time working, the switching of Emma to a new daycare, Kelly’s wrapping up a lot of projects to get ready for maternity leave, Sarah’s birth, Paul’s graduation, and Paul’s job search.


The evidence in support of this postulate comes in the form of a Netflix viewing.

“Little Miss Sunshine,” specifically.

We watched it last night.  But Netflix delivered it to our (old) house on January 15, 2008.  Only seven months ago.

We’ve been doing all of those other, above-listed things in the past seven months – the first few months of that being in a record-breaking cold and snowy Wisconsin winter. 

But I think we’re finally starting to get back to normal now.