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Blog Muse, Where Art Thou? (oh, and some news)

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Maybe it’s because I’m tired.

Maybe because it was a strange week.

Or maybe…

You, see, I’m thinking about going less active on the blogging front.

I’m torn by the classic blogger’s dilemma of how to (1) maintain a journal-type site with any actual authenticity at all while (2) maintaining some sense of personal, professional and family privacy.

I find myself more and more often now plagued by fears the either a co-worker might find this, or – even worse – a crazy stalker type.

Plus, “lurkers” (a.k.a. people who read the thing all the time but never post a comment) make me nervous.  (You know who you are in Pennsylvania.  Yes, you.)

Oh, yeah.  And there’s one other thing…

I’ve told my family.  I’ve told my boss.  So I guess it would be OK to finally mention it here.

The Koog Family is “expecting” again.  It’s still a little early.  Probably early enough that I shouldn’t be making announcements. 

But we are very happy that, if all goes well, we’ll be welcoming another family member into the world next spring.

I once thought that the ideal blog name would be “Five Mammals In Milwaukee.”  This was based on my sense of delight in observing the fact that of the five mammals in our house (Mommy, Daddy, and Little Koog, plus the two cats), you can almost always bet that a majority of them will be in any given room of the house at the same time.  We like to congregate, we mammals.

Well, anyway, “Six Mammals in Milwaukee” just doesn’t have the same blog-name ring to it, although I expect that the reality (as opposed to only the blog-title-quotient score) of having six resident mammals will be perfectly pleasant.

So – now that I’ve announced that, I’m officially nervous that one of those crazed baby-stealing-murderer-women will show up at my door in a few months to kill me, then cut out and run off with my young.  (Because there were actually two cases of that in recent years – what is WRONG with this country?). 

The comfort there, though, is that we’ll be moving house before long.  So good luck finding me where we are now, you crazy killer-ladies…..

Hmmmm.  I’m sounding and feeling paranoid.

And I suppose that’s not an unreasonable thing to be in my ‘condition.’  I’m being forced by hormones to be more protective of the family nest right now, and all. 

And I’ve already probably unwisely overexposed our little family to the public Internet.  I do worry about that. 

The terrible murder of a friend of a friend last week, apparently at the hands of a known stalker (as best as one can speculate this early on – there has not yet been an arrest) has not done anything to make me less concerned on that front.

And another important impetus for less blogging, if that’s what I start to do, is that I simply won’t have the time.

First, chasing after, caring for, and playing with a spirited toddler while growing increasingly large with child, AND moving to a new place, AND getting ready for the new arrival, is going to be enough of an energy challenge after a full day of work.

And once the new little one is here, as I know well from experience, everything else in the world beyond sleeping, eating, hygeine, and family bonding will all kind of fade out of view for a while.

So that’s the latest from Milwaukee, folks.

(Oh yeah – that, and a local group is trying to raise money to commission and erect a bronze statue downtown of The FonzHappy Days was set in Milwaukee, you know.  And the purported inspiration for ‘Al’s’ place is here, and still in operation, too).