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Friday, February 17th, 2006

Last week, U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Team Member, Johnny Weir, stated that he is “Princessy” as far as travel is concerned and that the “underdecorated” Olympic Village is not to his liking. With the exception of the inestimable Rudy Galindo, I haven’t given the topic of the sexual orientation of Male Figure Skaters much thought – until this year, that is. For some reason, it’s now all I can think about as I’m watching the performances. Well, OK, I also admire the performances and do my own home-judging about the skaters’ athleticism, skill, and program execution. But I’ve also just been wondering, this week, whether it’s true, or not, as skating judge Jon Jackson has said, that figure skating is the “gayest sport in America.” I know, I know. This is a terribly petty and reproachable curiosity. What can I say. I’m a perverse voyeur. I’ll take my chances with Karma. And now you can weigh in anonymously and TAKE MY POLL!!

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Kelly’s Politically Incorrect Winter Olympics Poll When Watching Male Figure Skaters Perform, Do You Find Yourself Wondering About Their Sexual Orientation?
¬† Of COURSE! I mean all the sequins and the glitter…?!

  Uh, NO РWhat kind of a weirdo question is this, anyway

¬† It may have crossed my mind in the past, but I don’t focus on it

  The solo male skaters, sure, but not the guys who dance in a pair with a woman

¬† Who Cares!? Can’t we just all get along?!

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