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Support A Good Cause

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Milwaukee may be the hardest drinking city, but we can do our part to help those in other locales share (or not) in the booze-soaked joy, while supporting a good cause at the same time.

Two enterprising New Orleans bloggers (one of whom kindly provides internet hosting and general assistance for this blog) have set up a website allowing you to vote on whether or not these fine gentlemen should indulge in the ungentle consumption of alchohol in 2007.  (Note that, regardless of the final vote, the self-sacrificing fellows have reserved the right to indulge in the spirits on certain holidays).

Your votes, made with your tax-deductible paypal donation will support the New Orleans Mid-City Neighborhood Organization to build a new library in storm-ravaged New Orleans.

Read all about it, and consider voting, at

Eagle Zen

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

EagleHere are links to¬†a¬†web cam view of nesting eagles (opens in new window) and a related story.¬† Just in case you need a little zen in your day…

Welcome to cheese.rox!

Thursday, April 27th, 2006

Welcome to the new location for Cheesehead Living, now also known as cheese.rox

I’ll be posting my future entries here! I hope you’ll visit now and again.

In response to my earlier frustration about my previous blogging home, Editor B kindly offered me a blogging home on a little corner of the vast media conglomerate known as I wrote a little about that site near the bottom of this earlier post.

Now I’ll be able to sort my blog entries into categories, keep my beloved random Flickr badge, AND breach the borders of China, which are tightly sealed to anyone blogging on!

Hello, Shanghai!!

Dream Blog Synthesis

Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

Unlike the essayist in the previous post, I DO keep up with a few friends’ blogs, as evidenced by a strange dream I had this morning when I joined Emma for “morning naptime.”

In the dream, a camera crew came to film a documentary about a controversy that had somehow roiled up around me. The controversy: that I’ve started ordering pre-made (but uncooked, mind you) dinners from the local Dinner By Design and Dinner Solution outfits, to save time in my busy working Mommy life. (I blogged about the wonderful world of pick-up and heat-up dinners before.) But in the dream, instead of dinners the “problem” was that I was ordering and eating desserts.

It seems that a Muslim man living in Canada caught wind of my
time-saving meal purchases. It wasn’t clear, in the dream, if he had
learned about it through my blog, but that’s a reasonable conclusion for purposes of filling the narrative gap. Apparently he felt slighted and angry that I got to have desserts without taking the time to truly prepare them myself. I didn’t understand why this bothered him, but I had the opportunity to read a newspaper article about his complaints on the subject.

And the camera crew was most interested in capturing my take in the situation, although I didn’t HAVE much of a take, other then a sense of vague confusion and anxiety.

This dream of having a camera crew in my house appears to me to be directly inspired by the occurrence of just that very event for a blogging friend, who recently described some of the experience here and here. (The main page of his very interesting blog is right here).

And now that I’m recounting one of my dreams on my blog, I’m following in the footsteps of another of the bloggers I follow, who did the same recently, here, on her blog. (Here’s her main page; it’s cool. She lives in China.).

Note that both of these particular blogs that inspired my dream, and my online account of it, are both hosted on the unique and inestimable, which was domiciled for a while in Bloomington, Indiana, but has since moved elsewhere, just like the three bloggers that came together, sort of, in my dream: Editor B, MF, and ME.

You could do worse things than to visit that cool site for a while. There’s a lot to see.

Blog Irreverence

Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

Reproduced, below, courtesy of the Blogosphere, and for your entertainment, is the text of an irreverent essay from June 20, 2005 about NOT reading friends’ blogs.

(It’s the title that I really love. )

The source of this essay is JOHO The Blog, which is operated by David Weinberger. I first heard this essay in an embellished, somewhat sassier form when he read it on NPR. Audio version is available here.

No, I’m not keeping up with your blog.

I would like to. I really would. I like it and I like you.

But we’re now well past the point where any of us can keep up with all the blogs worth reading from the people worth keeping up with. Even with an aggregator.

I just can’t do it any more.

I’ve been faking it for a while. Months. Maybe a year. If we’ve met and I look confused about something you told me, and if you said, “I blogged it,” as if that should be explanation enough, I’ve made some excuse as if I read every one of your posts except that one.
The truth is, I probably haven’t read your blog in weeks. Months maybe.

And I don’t expect you to have read mine.

I don’t want to lie any more. I don’t want to feel guilty any more. So let me tell you flat out: There are too many blogs I like and too many people I like to making “keeping up” a reasonable expectation, any more than you should expect me to keep up with Pokemon characters or I should expect you to keep up with Bollywood movies. I’m not going to feel guilty any longer about my failure.

I will read your blog on occasion, either because I’ve been thinking of you or because something reminded me of you. Maybe it’ll be because you sent me an email pointing to a post you think I’ll enjoy. Go ahead! I’d love to hear from you.

But I hereby release you from thinking I expect you to keep up with my blog, and I preemptively release myself from your expectations.

Otherwise reading each other’s blogs will become a joyless duty. And we’re too good friends to do that to each other

(You can click on this picture, too)

Cheeseheads On My Cats

Friday, March 17th, 2006

Whew. I learned today that I am not the only person in the world who likes to “decorate” her cats from time to time. Some of you may recall the picture we included in Holiday cards some years back, of our felines sporting mini-Santa hats.

And then there was the supreme effort that went into
these –>
lovely images that document Jimmy and Minnie as official Green Bay Packer Fans and Cheeseheads.

I took these shortly after we moved to Wisconsin. I worked so hard, at the time, to make the little hats. And I worked even harder to get them each to sit still during the numerous attempts at capturing their images on a green background, with a tiny football prop during their respective photo sessions.

My goal at the time was to submit their pictures to a the Page-a-Day Cat calendar for consideration (they offer a contest). I never heard from the calendar folks. Hmmmph! But, finally, I have submitted these pictures to a site that will appreciate them. A site for people like me who like to put “stuff” on their cats!

The motto of is Cats + Stuff = Awesome. 
Silly as it is, I have to agree.
A peek around the site indicates that a lot of people who submit pictures to the site take the word “on” quite literally, however. They just seem to set as many loose items onto their cat as the creature will permit, and then take a picture. Forgive me if I’m being immodest, but fashioning and/or applying an actual hat seems to be taking this art to a higher level.¬†
Well, anyway, we’ll see if Jimmy and Minnie finally achieve the recognition they deserve for their humiliation by having their cheesehead pictures published on StuffOnMyCat.Com.
And even if they don’t, I suppose they’ve already gotten some good enough feedback. Someone left a comment on Minnie’s cheesehead picture on Flickr recently. They called her the “World’s most beautiful mousetrap.” Yes. If Minnie could get a mouse out of the deal, I’m sure she would enjoy that.

Tribute to “Random Interesting Stuff”

Saturday, February 25th, 2006
I recently discovered that a high-school classmate, and former compatriot in various bands, orchestras, pep-, jazz-, and marching bands and other dramas, is a fellow blogger! At Random Interesting Stuff, he observes something of the true, orginal sense of the webblog – a log and reference to other interesting sites on the web. The following link intrigued me so much that I lifted it (added I picture, because I like to do that), and am posting it here. Thanks, K.F.
Check out this neat site that lets you see how magazine
covers/models are ‘touched up,’ feature by feature.
(Click on picture)

Surfing the ‘net instead of doing weekend work

Sunday, February 5th, 2006

I am supposed to be getting some major league work done from home this weekend. Some big deadlines (and a client meeting) will occur in the coming week.

But Paul has been writing a paper for his legal writing class, and ONE of us has to watch the baby and go buy diapers and formula.

So instead of getting much office work (or tidying around the house) done, (and to Paul’s great irritation, I might add) I’ve been spending too much time surfing the Internet and reading blogs when Emma naps.

May God help me.

Hmmm, maybe She will, since one of the things I accomplished was scoring a 10 out of 10 on this quiz on a website hosted by a friend of a friend…

10 out of 10

I got 9 out of ten right on a Bhuddhism quiz, too. Don’t think I would do too well on one about the Upanishads, though, not that I found one…