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Tomorrow is another day

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

Wasn’t that a Scarlett O’Hara line…?  Normally, I would Google it to confirm, but I’m too tired for that right now.

Anyway, it’s the same sentiment that my mother always expressed as “Everything always looks better in the morning.”

And since I know that’s generally true, I guess I’d better get to bed.

It was kind of a rough week on the office front, and then, today, I got stood up for a mom/kid play date. 

Well, stood up isn’t really an accurate description.  I’m sure my friend would never have been a no-show on purpose.  And we made the plan to meet up at a playground with our kids quite a while ago, and didn’t confirm since then – I almost forgot about it frankly, myself.  It’s partly my own fault for not remembering to confirm, and for not having her home number.  But still.  I was so looking forward to this little social get-together with an old co-worker who left our old firm before I did, and with my two kids and her two kids.  

The funny twist is that, although I never knew of her until I started that job four years ago, I learned after meeting her (and learning that her maiden name was the same as my husband’s last name) and doing some genealogical calculating, that she is Paul’s 4th cousin, and therefore that our kids are 5th cousins!  Her ancestor came from the same tiny Austrian village from which Paul’s ancestors hail – and which we had the pleasure of visiting a few years ago.  I know – that’s a pretty distant relation.  But it’s still funny how that connection – even though my ‘family’ connection to her is by marriage – still makes us feel some kind of an urge to keep up to date with one another.  We have a lot of lifestyle issues in common, as well, though.  We’re working attorney moms, who had children (her second, my first) within two days of one another, and can relate about having one the exact same age.

Anyway, she’ll see the e-mail at her office on Monday morning, and feel terrible, I’m sure.

I’m not taking it TOO personally.  I know that life is busy, and that I’d forget every obligation I ever made, almost, if I didn’t write it down.  But even so, I just felt kind of bummed. 

Still, the girls and I played at the playground for about an hour or so.  It was a beautiful Fall day here in Wisconsin.  Then we did a little grocery shopping (Sarah slept through all of that), and then came home and shared a little dinner with my dear old Mom, who kept us company while Daddy Koog is away on an overnight golf/casino trip with some pals.

Nice that he has such good buddies. 

I wish I had more local lady friends.


Saturday, May 13th, 2006

I’m in a state of disbelief.

I just received word that a prominent, well-liked shareholder at my firm, and his son, were killed in a car accident today. The attorney’s wife was taken to the hospital. Her condition was said to be critical, but the person I spoke with didn’t know more than that.

What a sad, sad reminder that it can be any one of us at any time.

He is only about 53 years old, and funny and quirkly. The kind of guy to always make an odd comment in the elevator and to accidently snort and giggle when he laughs, sometimes. On his last birthday, his secretary decorated his door with black balloons, and put over-the-hill signs in his office, which he tolerated for several days.

He has been enourmously successful in his work. Exactly the kind of guy I always pictured eventually enjoying some very comfortable and satisfied retirement years playing with the grandkids.

This is a guy who has been to China, in recent years, and Dubai, in recent months, on business. No one would have expected him to meet such an untimely, sad end on a Wisconsin highway.

And the son – he was only a junior in highschool. What a tragedy.

I understand he has one other child – a daughter who is a junior or senior in college.

Apparently, most of the attorneys are getting the word by phone over the weekend.

But that’s not going to keep the firm, as a whole, from being shell-shocked and sad on Monday, and in the coming days and weeks.