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Not quite sure what she did to deserve it…

Monday, June 30th, 2008

but Emma gave Sarah a time out today (after a conversation that involved many pleasantries, including Emma asking Sarah ‘How was your weekend?’).  :)


Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

My little daughter just LOVES to sing.  And we’re happy that she has the opportunity to learn lots of new songs at her new preschool.  She often comes home and starts singing one we hadn’t heard before. 

(I loved singing and learning songs, at that age too, and there is an infamous cassette tape still in existance that records me singing (at age 3) one little song-I’d-learned-at-nursery-school after another.)  Maybe all little girls this age love to sing?

Anyway, one of Emma’s daycare notes sent home last week indicated that she had, that day, performed a “solo” of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” for her classmates at school.

Then today, when I dropped her off, her teacher told me that now, most days during song time, she breaks into a solo performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (otherwise known at our house as ‘The Dorothy Song.’). 

The teacher said that the other students all listen in rapt attention, “because this is their peer singing to them,” and that Emma’s voice (which usually carries well throughout the house, by the way) “is so quiet and sweet.”  It’s true, she has a special soft singing voice for the Dorothy Song. 

She also doesn’t quite know all the words, but has a lot of fill-in words that almost sound like the actual lyrics.  I bet it’s pretty cute to see.

By way of background, since Emma LOVES the Wizard of Oz movie AND all of the songs in it, I have been receiving requests from her for the past several months to sing to her the various favorite tunes (The Dororthy Song, the Scarecrow Song, the Tinman Song, and the Lion Song).   She also made up her own ‘Toto Song’, which she sings to the tune of the Scarecrow/Tinman/Lion Song (they all have the same tune, just different lyrics), and she fills it all in with “ruffs.”

In light of these requests, I had to go online and print out the lyrics so that I could consult them, learn them, and sing them.

Emma now often sings parts of the songs I can sing most often (I know the Scarecrow song the best, the Tinman Song next well, and am pretty hopeless on the Lion Song; the Dorothy Song is kind of hit or miss, depending on the day).

She listens so carefully (and watches my lips) when I sing. 

And I only heard it once – one day when she broke into it spontaneously from the car seat in the back of the car as we drove around – but I’ll tell you, there’s not much cuter in the world than hearing a two year old sing the lyrics (from the Scarecrow Song):

“I would not be just a nuffin’, my head all full of stuffin’, my heart all full of pain…..”

We’re enjoying the performances from our little songbird.  I bet she’ll sing lots of these to her little baby sister, when the time comes, too.

“Mama, Let’s Get OUTTA Here!”

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

This is a phrase that always seems to amuse me on some level, when Emma uses it.

She yelled it out several times today when I dropped her off at pre-school (but then soon settled down on a nice teacher’s lap for a story). 

And recently, when she was in my office at the end of a work day, briefly, as Paul and I had to transfer her from one of us to the other, she said it loud enough for a few office neighbors to hear down the hallway.

It might have been that same day that she also looked into the office of a vice-president of the firm, who, in the office next to mine, was sitting quietly at his desk, staring at his computer.  “What’s that man DOING in there!?” she inquired, in a tone of earnest uncertainty.  I noticed a slight smile spread across his face as I answered her, “Well, I THINK he’s working!”


Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Last night, we did something unusual at our house.

We had some chocolate pudding for dessert.

When I put it in front of her, Emma asked what it was.

“Pudding.” I said.  “You can eat it with your spoon.”

“Oh, Pudding?” she replied?

“Yes, and it tastes like chocolate.”

“Oh, Chocolate?”

What followed was a very cute, precious little moment.

Emma carefully dipped her spoon into the pudding and had a taste.

“Mommy, chocolate very good!!” she said.

All I could do was smile and agree with her, as she continued to enjoy her dessert.



Friday, October 26th, 2007

Emma has a very vivid imagination.  Much of her play time is spent assuming different identities (and assigning different identities to Mommy and/or Daddy, too).

And we are doing more and more “pretend” play, as well.

Last night, for example, we pretended to throw cold snowballs (at different stuffed animals) in her room.

This morning in the living room, after she told me that she was ‘the baby bird’ and that I was ‘the mommy bird’, we pretended to pick up and eat worms.  Lots of worms.

I sometimes wonder where Emma gets this vivid imagination.  And then, as I think back about the fact that I initiated the throwing of pretend snowballs and the eating of pretend worms, I start to figure it out a little…

“Jumping is FUN!” she said, as she climbed back up to do it again (and again and again…)

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007




And now, a little Art Interlude…

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Art with new markers

Originally uploaded by Koog Family

I brought home some new markers for little miss the other day.

She made this picture (on two consecutive pieces of paper in the construction paper pad). She methodically opened each of the 16 colors and made at least one mark with each color.

What a lovely rainbow.

(Although the intended subjects, as she told me, were: Mommy, Daddy, Eyes, and Ears).