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Real Replicas, My Love

Monday, March 6th, 2006

Ever trying to better inform myself on various parenting topics, I was browsing the Internet, looking for information on Gerber Bananas (Emma ate some of the stuff today at her Grandma K’s and had a little tummy trouble).

And in the course of that, I stumbed across a site so strange and beautiful that I had to share…

So bizarre, but so mesmerizing. Hundreds of real-looking inedible “food replicas” dance before your eyes while a little gentleman and a Mafia slogan grace the top of the page. And turn on your speaker, because while all this is going on, a schmalzy tune from what sounds like a Russian melodrama (wait, is it the theme from The Godfather?) plays in the background.

My favorite is the fake “cup of decaffeinated coffee.” I wonder what about it makes it look decaffeinated?

Aw, who cares? Feeling groggy. Must . . . visit . . . the sandwich page. . .