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Friday, September 22nd, 2006

Starbucks Drive Thru

Originally uploaded by Koog Family.

Cost of maintaining addiction to increase.

Starbucks raises coffee drinks price.

K. Family Celebrity Look-Alike Collages

Sunday, September 10th, 2006




Kindred-Spirit Kitty

Friday, August 18th, 2006

Minnie wearing a Cheesehead Hat

Originally uploaded by Koog Family.


I posted previously about successfully submitting this picture of Minnie to She appeared on that website in March.

Today, in need of some frivolity therapy after spending far too much time and energy giving public presentations on various legal topics, I was happy to visit that site and to find a new posting of another Cheesehead cat (named Big Kitty) there!

Not only have I learned that another cat owner and packer fan likes to put “stuff” on his or her cat,¬†an¬†observant commenter on that site¬†referenced, and directed viewers to, the picture¬†my very own Minnie!

So let’s here it for cats! And for Big Kitty!

From Sheboygan to the World

Thursday, July 13th, 2006

Well, alright. 

The largest front-page story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today related to the announcement that ESPN will be airing the 2006 Johnsonville Bratwurst-Eating Contest on August 5, 3:00 p.m. CDT. 

The event will be part of the Sheboygan Brat Days 2006.¬† And just in case you were wondering what they’re up to these days, the native Milwaukee group,¬†the Violent Femmes will be performing at the Brat Days.¬†

Even better is the news that Japanese native, Takeru Kobayashi, will be participating in the chow-down. 

Paul and I happened to see him win a hot-dog eating contest that was broadcast on the 4th of July.  That Kobayashi can eat. 

(I even had to call my mom to tell her that we had been amazed, and a little horrified, to see the guy eat 54 hot dogs AND, as required, 54 buns.¬† Apparently, these pros know that it’s easier to eat so much if they soak the buns in water as they go).¬†

When you think about it, a brat-eating contest is just a glorified hot-dog eating contest.¬† So my money’s on Kobayashi.¬† I’m sure he’ll do Wisconsin proud.¬†(To say nothing of what he’ll do for Johnsonville’s¬†market share in Japan).¬†

Takeru Kobayashi

Takeru Kobayashi,
originally uploaded by Koog Family.

What’s the deal with Slinkman (the Banana Slug)?

Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

The¬†Cartoon Network airs¬†an animated show called “Camp Lazlo.”¬† One of the characters on the show, a banana slug, is named “Slinkman.”¬†

I find this disturbing, somehow, as that is my maiden name, and a name that I know others often have a hard time pronouncing.¬† I can’t figure out if the show’s creators named a slug “Slinkman” because it seems like a natural description for a slug (who slinks along), or if – as I’m guessing is more likely – Slinkman was named after someone’s buddy.

Maybe I’ll never know.

But I do find it odd.

If anyone has any insights into Slinkman the slug, I would welcome them. 

“Is the BIG UNIT Washed Up?”

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

You don’t even want me to say what I thought when I¬†saw that link title on¬†today. . .

And then it turns out to be about a guy whose last name is JOHNSON??!!

You’ve got to be kidding me.

How have I managed not to hear until now about this unfortunate name/nickname pairing?

If civilization hangs in the balance ‘twixt¬†cup and lip, please,¬†gentle women and men,¬†refrain from discussing¬†this man’s¬†coarse moniker over tea.

Busted With Grits

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

 I Heart Grits

Grits.¬† You either love em’ or hate em’.

I got caught lovin’ ’em at work today.¬† By someone who hates ’em.

In Honor of Carrots

Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
Several people have noticed, lately, that Emma’s skin has taken on an orangey hue. She’s been getting too many orange vegetables. (Note the use of the passive tense there, so that it’s not really anyone’s fault).¬†

I guess she has carotenemia. We’ve “discovered the power of carrots,” all right.

This all came to our attention last Friday. Since then, every meal that she eats on our watch (I don’t always know what she eats at daycare) is based on green vegetables.

So she should return to her normal, delicate hue soon enough.

We’re just going to have to help her love those sweet potatoes a little less… (They, like squash and a majority [argh!] of blended baby food flavors, also contain loads of beta-carotene, the orange-tinting culprit).

(I really hate to mention this, because, it reveals that I already did it. Against my better judgment, however, I am compelled to recommend that, if you are looking for a couple of minutes of low-level amusement, you check out Mr. Carrothead, a feature of the online World Carrot Museum.)

QUIZ – What Type Of Cheese Are You!?

Thursday, April 6th, 2006

I am Mozzerella Cheese!!!!


(But if I change my answers to other reasonable picks
for me, I might also be Blue Cheese, Brie, or Chedder Cheese…)

See what kind of Cheese YOU are! Take the quiz:

And the winner is….

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
Well, I’ve informed Minnie that she’s famous now. And I guess I got what I wanted. Now all these crazy people who visit the site are posting comments about her, about cheese, and about football in general. Hmmmm….¬†

But, YAY!
Everything’s working and I’m able to post pictures on here again! That means I’ll soon be able to get back to the important work of bragging about the cute little (human) girl that lives in my house!